13th Annual Santa Watch Net

This year MAARS is trying something new on Christmas Eve. We are going to participate in the Santa Watch Net from 5pm to 8pm. The Happy Hour net will move to 4pm to make room for this.

Well BOYS and GIRLS of ALL ages, for the 13th year in a row, the DoDropIn Radio Network is pleased to host the Santa Watch Net. As in years past, David N3NTV in Mobridge will be tracking Santa’s flight around the world. And Santa call sign ” N1S ” aka Number One Santa will have his radio with him. Santa LOVES talking to children, so third party traffic is always welcome during the Santa Watch Net. THe Santa Watch Net will begin at 1800 hours ET and run for about 3 hours. We want to thank Darryl for the use of his RF link for Santa to connect to the DoDropIn. Have the little ones around so they can chat with Santa on his flight. So once again, Christmas eve starting at 1800 hours ET on the DoDropIn Radio Network.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from everyone at the DoDropIn Radio Network!

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