Wednesday evenings, beginning at 9pm Central Time. Linked up with FM-38 (another popular large-area machine/system in the SE and SC Wisconsin, our net can now reach anyone who has access to AllStar.  Our AllStar node number is 28450. We have had check-ins from all over the United States, including Florida and Nevada.

Our net is more than just a swapnet… people exchange local amateur radio news, information about upcoming swapfests, information about upcoming events, and other announcements.

Anyone is welcome to offer ham radio or computer equipment during our nets for sale, or to request to purchase. No commercial sales are allowed. Hams are welcome to list materials belonging to other hams. Prices may be listed on the air, but we request that extended questions/answers be conducted after the main net completes.

Come join us on Wednesday evenings at 9pm!

The map below shows all of the machines that are known to link into AllStar on net evenings. We hope to talk with other groups to add their systems to the network on Wednesday evenings.