Main site

Hustler G6-270R, 6dBd
Radio Hardware
GE Delta VHF
Link Transmitter
None required; at main site
Antenna Height from Ground
300 Feet

The Sandburg receive site is the first receive site to have been installed at the repeater’s location. At first, the repeater used the 500 foot TX antenna, but the duplexor insertion loss encouraged the technical committee to split the system apart. The antenna was replaced in January of 2001 by Christian KC0ARF, Jim KB9KBK, and Dave KA9WXN.

Main Site Receive 50watt Mobile Coverage

Duplexer and IRLP Computer
Looking south.
Looking Northwest

Micor Amp.
Micor Amp power supply.
N9LKH 443.550MHz repeater.
Amp bypass switch.
Rear of Micor Amp. Bird Wattmeter slug.
IRLP computer built by KC0ARF.
Rotor control and RC-850 controller.
Icom remote base radios.
Rotor control, Icom remote base radios and the ACC RC-850 Controller.
ACC RC-850 Controller and DVR.
Motorola Spectra Tac voter.
GE Delta radios.
GE Delta Link receivers and N9LKH-1 APRS station.
Repeater cabinet.

Comet GP-15 APRS antenna.
Phelps Dodge transmit antenna.
Motorola Spectra Tac Voter. ACC DVR
Comet GP-15 APRS antenna and Northwest link beam.
Looking south into downtown Milwaukee.
Looking Northwest at the community site.
looking south into downtown Milwaukee.
Looking south.
Looking southeast.
Looking East.
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