The Milwaukee Area Amateur Radio Society (MAARS) operates the largest coverage 2-meter repeater in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our goal is to expand and maintain our repeater system to the highest level possible. While this isn’t always easy, we have continued to maintain a system that hasn’t been duplicated in the area.

MAARS has always tried to be the leader in the area of technology. Our repeater was the first to have a remote receive site. We also were the first VHF repeater to install a remote base for both VHF and UHF. We are the backbone repeater for the National Weather Service reporting network for Southeastern Wisconsin.

Please feel free to visit us on the repeater and tell us what you think. We think you will find that you are among friends here on the 145.130 MHz (CTCSS 127.3) repeater.

The Next MAARS meeting is May 13th at HRO Milwaukee. The meeting starts at 10am.

If you would like to join by Zoom. Please use this link.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 619 425 6030
Passcode: 145130

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